Hispanic Batman

Royal Flush Magazine


Publisher, Editor, Creative Director


Royal Flush Magazine finally answered your dreams, and painstakingly assembled all the Hispanic Batman adventures into one gigante limited-edition volume.Limited to 1,000 copies, each is perfect-bound, signed and numbered and available only at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con. But for a limited time you can Reserve your own copy.

Created in 1997, Hispanic Batman is the retarded brainchild of Royal Flush creators and comic artists Erik Rodriguez and Josh Bernstein. This parody of the classic comics character has certainly found his unique voice over the last few years tackling the tough issues like immigration, slavery, politics and even American Idol and Hugh Hefner.

Light-hearted, goofy, offensive and extremely well drawn, Hispanic Batman’s charms are irresistible. Appearing in every Royal Flush, Hispanic Batman all his adventures are gathered here into one 80-page tome.

In honor of this special edition, many top comic artists and illustrators banded together to try their hand at the famed Caped Conquistador. Tim Bradstreet (Punisher, Hellblazer, Batman) came aboard to do the killer cover that adorns this book. His take on the Brown Knight gives salute to both Adam West’s campy portrayal of the character and the great Mexican cinema art of the ‘50s and ‘60s.

In addition, there’s over 25 pages of exclusive and brand-new comics and pin-ups from such Royal Flush artists as Danny Hellman, Steve Chanks, Ryan Dunlavey, Matt Siren, Sean Pryor, Brent Engstrom, Patrick McQuade, Woodrow J. Hinton III, Tanxxx, Frank Powers!, Cojo, Luis Diaz, Jayro Lantigua, Pat Sentman, Jim Mazza, Adam Turman, John Jagusak, Jesse Philips and Kristin Koefoed.

Raunchy and inappropriate and unconventional, and just about as offensive as they come. And we loved every page of it!
—Ain’t It Cool News

Hispanic Batman is disgusting, racist, anal-obsessed and terrific!
—Heeb Magazine

Wonderfully whimsical, light-hearted and goofy, offensive and extremely well drawn, Hispanic Batman’s charms are irresistible!
—The Los Angeles Times