MI Lecture Series

The Musician’s Institute, FutureUS

April 2012

Moderator, Talent Booker, Sponsor Relations


Moderator, Talent Booker, Sponsor Relations

In 2012 I was tasked with creating and hosting a lecture series for the Musician’s Institute of Los Angeles. The goal was to bring in well-known artists, bands, producers and engineers to speak with the students and alumni.

The Event:
Musicians Institute, College of Contemporary Music has been a world leader in contemporary music education since 1977.

The first Revolver-branded guest lecture series, hosted by Josh Bernstein, featured an in-depth interview with Corey Taylor and Shawn M. Crahan of Grammy-award-winning metallers Slipknot. The conversation was streamed online on Facebook, and a number of questions were selected from the Twitter. 
The live audience for the event was open to MI students and alumni.

Topics included breaking into the music business, working with producer Rick Rubin, touring versus recording and overcoming drugs, criminal pasts and the recent death of bassist Paul Gray. The band members stayed after for an informal autograph session for the 500 students in attendance.

“Too many people in this industry are too quick to let technology make up for the talent that they do not have. Too many people who have talent are overlooked because too many people with big cheek bones and [bad] hairdos have all the spotlight. You’re telling me that Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton deserve to put singles out?”
—Corey Taylor speaking to the crowd of students