Royal Rocks Cruises

Rocks Off Boat Cruises, Royal Flush

Summer 2010

Co-Creator, Talent Booker, Creative Director


Co-Creator, Talent Booker, Creative Director

After the success of Royal Flush Magazine and the Royal Flush Festival, we wanted to create a summertime-based event for both brands that involved music, art and film. In the summer of 2010 we teamed up with Rocks Off Boast Cruise series and created “Royal Rocks;” a multi-week summer concert series on the Hudson & East Rivers of New York City.

The Project:
The Rocks Off Concert Cruise is a 3-hour tour through New York Harbor with bands, booze, bridges and great times. A totally unique setting for a night you’ll never forget, the Rocks Off Concert Cruises harken back to the pre-Bloomberg/Giuliani era of booze and smoke fueled rock and roll extravaganzas on the high seas. The “Royal Rocks” curated boat cruises featured such illustrious bands as the Black Lips, The New Mastersounds, the Electric Six, the Giraffes and the Detroit Cobras.

“The Black Lips have a reputation for crazy live shows that have included vomiting, urinating, nudity, band members kissing, fireworks, and a chicken. They delivered.”
—Jake Szufnarowski